The highest quality in oleochemicals

   MATERIA Hnos. is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of oleochemicals and their derivatives. A high level of quality is attained as it has the infrastructure and equipment for the many diverse processes that stand up to international standards of excellence and safety.
   20,000m2 of factory space on an 8ha site, with its own 4000kw/hr production of electricity generation, tallow melting and fractioned distillation sections, fractioning, hydrogenation and packaging plants with automatic packaging of 8,000 kg/hr and a production of 70,000 tons a year in the Mar del Plata plant and 10,000 tons in the Dock Sud Bs. As. plant with Ultramar Port.
   The application of the great diversity of our products in modern industry includes cosmetics, soaps, pharmaceuticals, food, paint, plastic and rubber.
   Our oleochemicals have won a place in competitive markets such as the United States, Canada, Japan, China, the European Union and all Latin America.


In july 2017, we celebrated 60 years of uninterrupted work

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